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How Companies are Faring During the Pandemic

by Cody Cohen
Pandamic productive approach

There’s an ongoing debate as to whether working remotely from home is more productive than working in an office setting. However, some factors contribute to productivity and efficiency. In this context, let’s also consider the emotional and mental well-being of employees working from home. All these must work together harmoniously to achieve balance, not just profit.

Some companies worldwide have realized that it’s not all about revenues and profit, but their employees’ health and wellness. As such, they’re focusing on productivity measures and efficiency protocols and the humane side as well, such as encouraging employees more rest and recreation, participating in aerobic and yoga classes, and spending more time with their families, and so much more. Making employees more attuned to their soul makes them better and more productive employees.

 Not all are created equal- some employees enjoy working from home, especially those who have no kids to look after, while others have difficulty doing so. However, companies reported that productivity is still high, just like before the pandemic started. No more lengthy commuting, long chit chat at the pantry by workers, and those without kids may have contributed to some companies’ productivity.

 Long meetings and other processes are once done at the office are done away with the use of virtual meeting apps such as Zoom and Google Meet. Software apps for virtual meetings also improve companies’ productivity levels.

Features such as screen share, video, and audio-only calls, are some let participants focus on the agenda at hand and not wander away from the meeting’s topics.

What’s good to hear is that while companies are concerned about productivity and profits, they are also compassionate towards their staff, especially burnout issues.

 But, working from home has its downsides too. Unlike in an actual office setting, workers can face each other and openly express their opinions and feelings. Remote online meetings place a limit on self-expression.

Businesses worldwide are coping with the pandemic, but burnout and other stress issues, including depression, are also rising. That’s why companies need to have wellness programs and me time sessions.

 Suffering can be more of a mental struggle as well as a physical one. You may not realize it until it’s too late. You can prevent burnout from happening, but there are also ways out of it.

 There are ways your company can cope with the stress and depression from working from home, such as:

Encourage employees to open up and express vent up emotions.

Many workers tend to suffer in silence and alone, and for this reason, they must be encouraged to share with others what they’re going through, especially to their supervisor, who’ll arrange ways for them to recover. At home, they can also share it with your spouse or best friend when you’re out of the office.

 Set Aside Time for Rest

Don’t forget that life is not all about profits and revenues. It’s also about family, your hobbies and interests, and rest and recreation. Careers can be so overwhelming and absorbing that workers suffer burnout. That’s why they need enough time to rest and rejuvenate.

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