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Types of Honey Mead and Where to Buy Them

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Mead is a honey wine that is perhaps one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. This kind of drink is produced by mixing water, honey, and yeast. The concoction will undergo fermentation to give you the “elixir of the gods.”

Just like beer and wine, there are many types of mead ranging from flavored and those that are not flavored. Let’s take a closer look at them!


This is a mixture of mead and fruits. There are variations of this. The first type is cyser, which is a mixture of mead and apple juice or cider. The second type is “pyment” which is mead plus grapes. The third is “morat” which is a mead mixed with mulberries. The fourth type is “rubamel” which is mead plus raspberries. Of course, there are other types with great and innovative tests.


This is still considered “melomel.” The difference lies in the way it has been fermented. Cyser is produced by mixing meads and apple juices not water. The taste would give you something sweet and tart.


This drink is made from beer and a mead. Some people claim that this type of beverage can be made from mead, grains, and hops. This type is hard to find in the market. A decent “braggot” tastes like sweet honey and malt. The good thing with “braggots” is you can spice it with other flavors to give you the best taste.

There are other flavors you might want to explore. From ingredients like foraged fruits to herbs such as marjoram and lavender. Herbs when added to the mixture do not only clear the wine, but they prevent microbial damage.

We made a list of shops where you can buy honey mead to your delight:

1. Honey Wines Australia Meadery

Honey Wines Australia is a newly launched meadery that sells meads online.  This company is popular in the Hunter region. As passionate beekeepers, they produce honey wines from their beehives.

2. Dan Murphy’s

This is a liquor store in Australia owned and managed by Woolworths Limited. They have both physical and online stores.

3. Copper & Oak

Copper & Oak is one of Perth’s family-run liquor stores that sell mead online. Whether you prefer the traditional or innovative varieties, honey mead can give you a “sunshine in the glass” experience. This refreshing drink is even believed to have potent health benefits. It’s no wonder it is dubbed as the “drink of the gods.”

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