Melbourne Public Transport


Melbourne public transportation consists of trains, buses and trams which are the main commuter’s means of traveling among and in between the cities. The routes go throughout the several cities, on the Central Business District, down to the main streets. Trains are the main mode of transport throughout Melbourne. The easiest way to go around the CBD is through City Circle Tram which is a complimentary ride that services around CBD. The map on the website helps a lot to do services.

Trams and Trains

The tram which is outside the CBD routes to inner suburbs of Melbourne operates on a daily basis. The rail service runs to travel destinations on Port St Kilda and the Port Melbourne- Beacon Cove. A common station which is used mainly within the CBD is the following:
• Flinders Street Station- covers Swanston and Flinders Street which serves as the main terminal of the rail services.
• Southern Cross Station or the Spencer Street Station - its old name. It is located at the Spencer Street and Bourke intersection.

Transport Ticketing
myki is used as the ticketing system for public transport. It is a plastic card system which is used by putting the card to the reader in every beginning and end of the journey. The fare is automatically calculated based on the time zone.

Visitors can have be able to buy the myki Visitor Pack for different travels a throughout the stay to the Melbourne tram, train and bus. This pack includes the following:
• The inner tram map of the Melbourne
• The use of myki
• Discounts to 15 attractions in the city, for $140 savings
• A myki smartcard pre-loaded value to Zone 1 trip in one day

Melbourne (CBD) rail services include the services as the following:
• Yarra Tram services
• Victorian country information train services
• Information on the Sydney and Melbourne Train travel

This facility is very much important to the business industry specially the freight and courier services. The Melbourne information centre plays a big role in the industry.