Keeping Teeth Clean, Healthy and White


Do you want to keep your teeth clean and white for the rest of your life? If so you are on the right track. Teeth whitening treatments can really whiten your teeth up to eleven or twelve shades but it won’t permanently keep your teeth clean and white. If you do not care for your teeth by exposing teeth to beverages and foods that causes deep stains, there’s a tendency to have teeth whitening treatment for less than a year.
Among those simple things to keep your teeth clean and white are the below. By observing these things you can always have a pearly white smile.

• Proper oral hygiene. This includes brushing teeth, applying dental floss, and using mouthwash. Accordingly, brushing teeth for at least twice a day will help your teeth become clean and free from cavities. Especially after eating teeth stain causing food and drinks you ought to brush teeth immediately. Applying dental floss at least once a day will keep between teeth clean and free from accumulating tartar and dirt. Using mouthwashes prescribed by dentist is also an aid to keep mouth and teeth clean. It also helps to kill bacteria that may destroy teeth.
• Observing proper diet. According to recent research eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetable keep teeth healthy and strong. Teeth need certain minerals and vitamins to be healthy. There are also certain foods that cleanse and whiten teeth. Among it are banana, apple and orange.

• Consult dentist. You need to have a dental check-up and cleaning at least every six months to keep teeth thoroughly clean. Preventive measures can be also done by dentist to avoid teeth from being totally harmed.
• Keep away from liquor and smoking. Alcoholic drinks weaken teeth and causes mouth and teeth problems so you must avoid it. Tar from the nicotine of the cigarette can also cause deep teeth stains. It turns teeth into dark yellow and is not easily removed by treatment.
Observing these simple things can keep your teeth healthy, clean and white. Teeth whitening treatment is also advisable at least once a year.